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This DVD and Handbook were created to give facilitators the most flexibility possible. The video is divided into an introduction and 9 chapters that can be accessed individually through the DVD menu. Each of the 9 chapters has a companion section in the Handbook. Depending on the time, needs, and attention span of the group, facilitators can choose to play the DVD in its entirety and then allow for questions, play and discuss one chapter at a time, or pick and choose the chapters and discussion questions that are most relevant.

Human Impact chapters include:


Introduces the magnitude and consequences of meth use.

Global Problem

Spotlights meth’s global impact through a look at patterns of use around the world.

Why Meth

Explores individual motivations for meth use, including the need for acceptance, the desire to escape negative feelings, pressures to be thin, and the intense physical rush.

Who affected

Examines rates of meth use across demographics of age, race, gender, and sexual preference, showing which populations are hardest hit.

Wommen at Risk

Considers the specific issues that lead women to meth use, problems they encounter on meth, and the need for women-specific treatment.

Gay me and Meth

Discusses the specific reasons gay and bisexual men use meth, the consequences of use in these communities, and how gay-specific treatment is necessary.


Illustrates the impact prolonged meth use has on the body, including damage to skin, teeth, the brain and the cardiovascular system, and increased rates of infectious diseases such as HIV.

The Cost

Exposes the devastating social and economic consequences of meth use, and stresses the need for meth-specific prevention and treatment.


Discusses strategies for the successful prevention of meth use and the treatment of meth addiction around the world.